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Parent Support Groups


Caron Parent Support Group -- Mondays and Thursdays at 7:00 pm

Interchange Corporate Center, 450 Plymouth Rd, Suite 301, Plymouth Meeting, PA

  • This meeting is open to any parent who is concerned about their child’s drug use, regardless of their age. There is no need for any affiliation or history with the Caron Foundation. Monday night meetings are for everyone and Thursday night meetings are specifically for “newcomers.”

  • For more information, contact Kim Rubenstein: 215-416-5604 or 

WATCH THIS VIDEO if you want to better UNDERSTAND the Effects of Alcohol and other Drugs on the Adolescent Brain - and why someone that is battling the disease of addiction can not "just stop" on their own.
  • Adolescence can be a time of experimentation with drugs and alcohol.  Unfortunately, it is also a time that the brain is still developing. 

  • Early drug and alcohol use raises the chance of persisting neurological changes and has a fourfold or greater risk of addiction developing as compared to an adult brain. 

  • Ken Thompson, M.D., FASAM; Medical Director, Caron Treatment Centers.

  • In april 2012, Dr. Thompson shared the current neuroscience of substance use and addiction and its relevance to the adolescent drug and alcohol user. 

  • Chilling evidence supports the need for early intervention and not just accepting drug and alcohol use as a phase that kids go through.

  • Watch Ken Thompson deliver same speech in Hatboro/Horsham

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